Sandstorm (Sigma Force)

By James Rollins

The explosive first experience in James Rollins' bestselling Sigma strength series!

A freak explosion within the British museum in London ignites a dangerous race for an earth-shaking energy resource buried deep underneath the sands of background. Painter Crowe is an agent for Sigma strength, a covert arm of the safeguard division tasked with conserving risky clinical discoveries out of enemy arms. whilst an old artifact issues the way in which towards the mythical "Atlantis of the Sands," Painter needs to go back and forth internationally looking for the misplaced city-and a damaging strength past imagining.

But Painter has festival. A band of ruthless mercenaries, led through a former pal and best friend, also are purpose on claiming the prize, and they'll break someone who will get of their way.

Ancient background collides with state-of-the-art science-with the security of the realm at stake!

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He had to hurry. Painter raced down the corridor of suites. He came upon Zhang’s room quantity. “How are we located? ” he whispered. “The lady is handcuffed to the mattress. guards are cards generally room. ” “Roger that. ” Sanchez had positioned pencil cameras within the room’s heating vents. Painter crossed the corridor and keyed his manner into the other suite. Cassandra Sanchez sat nestled between her digital surveillance gear and displays like a spider in an online. She used to be wearing black, from boots to shirt.

Henry nodded to the 2 males. “Sirs, I’ve rung for a maid to aid Mistress al-Maaz costume and assemble her issues. if you happen to will be so kind…” He nodded towards the door, disregarding them. Painter stepped toward Safia. “Are you certain you’re ok to commute? ” She nodded, an attempt. “Thank you. I’ll be positive. ” “Just an analogous. I’ll wait outdoor within the corridor for you. ” This earned him the smallest smile. He came upon himself matching it. “That won’t be necessary,” she stated. He became. “I be aware of, yet I’ll be there besides. ” Painter stumbled on Omaha learning him, his eyes somewhat extra narrowed than a second earlier than.

The ruins have been a nondescript constitution of 4 crumbling partitions, no roof, outlining a small chamber ten ft throughout. It appeared as soon as part of a bigger domestic, gone. She walked throughout the threshold and into the inner. whereas John Kane guarded the door, Cassandra her inside of. “What is that this position? ” “An historical prayer room. ” Safia stared up on the darkening skies because the solar sank away, then stepped over a kneeling rug at the flooring. Safia walked to the place of the partitions had crude niches developed into them, equipped to orient worshipers in regards to the course during which to wish.

It’s a heart,” Kara whispered. Safia sat again, shocked. “A human center. ” 8:05 P. M. HOURS LATER, Kara Kensington stood within the inner most bathroom outdoor the dep. of the traditional close to East. only one extra… She shook a unmarried orange tablet into her palm. Adderall, a prescription amphetamine, twenty milligrams. She weighed the tablet in her hand. lots kick in any such small package deal. yet probably now not adequate. She extra a moment pill. finally, she’d had no sleep final evening and nonetheless had a lot to do. Tossing again the capsules, she dry-swallowed them, then stared at her mirrored image within the replicate.

He swung round. “There are rifles and ammo saved within the hold,” he acknowledged, and pointed to the ground hatch that led down into the bilge compartment. “We could be capable of move slowly via there and get to the most carry. ” Coral tightened her grip on her knife and nodded. They crossed to the hatch, threw it open, and climbed down the quick ladder to the low-ceilinged bilge. It smelled of algae, salt, and oak resins. Omaha used to be the final via. A clean barrage of gunfire erupted, punctuated through a pointy scream.

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