The Attack (Animorphs, Book 26)

By K. A. Applegate

The Animorphs have met the Ellimist. He "helped" to avoid wasting the youngsters once they have been approximately to be eaten by way of a Taxxon. He "helped" to unfastened Hork-Bajir and restored Tobias's morphing skill. yet, even if the Ellimist has huge, immense energy, he isn't omnipotent. He has an enemy. The Crayak.

So, the Crayak and the Ellimist make a decision conflict will end up their final energy. yet they don't intend to struggle one another. The Ellimist will decide on the Animorphs, Ax, and Erek, the Chee; the Crayak will decide upon his personal military. but when the Animorphs lose they are going to be erased from the universe altogether. And there'll be not anyone left to struggle the Yeerks. . . .

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Cassie, Rachel, and Marco all obtained nailed beautiful undesirable. yet all of them controlled to demorph. Erek stuck up with us and created a hologram of Iskoort. Cassie acknowledged you informed her the Howlers could not assault Iskoort. wager that is why they did not howl. > I pressed, not able to totally think it. Tobias laughed.

Ax used to be simply in entrance of me, tail bowed and prepared, 3 eyes ahead, the rest stalk eye observing the remainder of us. Rachel had morphed to grizzly endure. She stood up, a tremendous pillar of tough brown fur with energy to uproot small timber. Marco had morphed to gorilla. He swung his pile driving force palms backward and forward virtually casually, like he used to be ready in the street nook for the bus to come back. Cassie had morphed to wolf. The thick armor of fur at the again of her neck stood on finish, and she'd drawn again her muzzle, revealing rainy, glistening enamel.

Tough, shaggy hair used to be sprouting from Rachel's face. "NO! " I blurted, understanding the error. "Not wrestle morphs! cross small! Flies! " i attempted to concentration my jangled, shattered-glass mind at the snapshot of a fly. It used to be the single means out. to not struggle, yet to run. Ax stated evenly. "No, Ax. Morph! we need to get out of right here! " Rachel yelled at him. Ax stated. Tobias acknowledged. he acknowledged harshly. TSEEEEEEEEW! The beam all at once burned via into the room and hit the some distance wall.

Those have been target-acquiring eyes. all of sudden, I felt it bubble up from underneath my very own awareness. I had anticipated rage. I had anticipated out-of-control violent urges. I felt neither. as an alternative, I felt . . . indifference. there has been no Howler intuition to slaughter. It wasn't anger. That wasn't how they have been outfitted. Crayak have been extra refined than that. I had anticipated the Howler morph to be like morphing a few superpredator. however the morph this jogged my memory of such a lot used to be the dolphin. Howlers have been playful. Howlers have been having enjoyable.

Consultant shot a worried look at Ax. "Well, Andalites have the facility to mind-meld with humans. they could glance correct inside of their recommendations and comprehend if they are mendacity, and while you are mendacity, they make your head explode. " not anyone cracked a grin. even though Marco needed to fight. Tobias requested me in inner most thought-speak. Guide's whine rose and fell. It most likely intended whatever, yet i did not be aware of what. Then, "Try seven," I stated.

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