The Hounds of Rome - Mystery of a Fugitive Priest

By Tom Clancy

Father Steve Murphy, a Roman Catholic priest, pastor of a parish in an prosperous suburb of Washington, DC, respected by way of his parishioners, believes he's approximately to be increased to Monsignor. yet, all of a sudden, he's transferred with no clarification to a short lived college educating publish. presently after, he's ordered to a prison-like correctional monastery deep within the Sonora barren region of Arizona. Murphy understands that he has been a religious priest and is questioned and indignant that he has been thrown in with the derelicts of the Catholic clergy. on the monastery, he reveals that he has been solid one of the pedophiles, alcoholics, embezzlers and different critical offenders who the church hierarchy is pressuring to surrender or be defrocked. confident that God wishes him to proceed his ministry, he escapes. Murphy is now a fugitive, pursued by way of clergymen from the monastery who're little greater than thugs with others to "do no matter what it takes" to prevent him and go back him to the monastery, or maybe kill him, if useful. Why, Steve Murphy asks himself, is his church doing this to him?

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Another individual could end it. another person may get the credits. He resented that. He didn’t starvation for credits, yet he didn’t love it stolen from him both. one other look within the glass on the narrowed eyes and tight-drawn lips informed him his preliminary surprise on the move was once slowly being supplanted via new feelings: emerging anger and a sense of hopelessness. ***** gymnasium bag in hand, Father Murphy crossed the courtyard and entered the college. Saturday afternoon. Pickup basketball video game occurring as traditional. “Hiya, Father.

Then he remembered Bishop Rhinehart. “No questions? ” Brother John requested. “Fine. Then the silence rule starts as of now. ” With that, Brother John subsidized his hulking body out of the cellphone leaving Steve to unpack his suitcase. Steve closed the heavy oaken door noting with delight that it can be barred from the interior. “I will want to hold these men from poking their heads in the following unannounced,” he acknowledged to himself, even if he used to be conscious that after he left the mobilephone, there has been no lock at the out-side of the door.

Earlier than they left the small cemetery, Steve spotted different freshly dug graves. “Who are they, i'm wondering? ” “They’re clergymen who died a number of days in the past. No foul play. They either had AIDS. they have to were homosexuals. you possibly by no means observed them simply because they have been moved to the health center ahead of you got here. ” “I observed the medical institution and albeit I wasn’t inspired with it. It simply feels like a spot the place the ill visit die. Let’s pass back,” Steve whispered, because the pair inched alongside the portico previous closed doorways to Steve’s mobilephone.

I've been offended. ” “How again and again? ” “Almost for all time, Father. Anger combined with worry. I don’t comprehend why i used to be despatched right here to this monastery. I’m scared, and don’t comprehend what the church’s destiny plans are for me. ” “You needs to comprehend, it is a confessional, no longer a spot for dialogue of the reasons of Holy mom Church. I ask you back, what percentage occasions have you ever been indignant considering your final confession? ” Steve had a sense the priest who was once listening to his confession were both scared or brainwashed by way of the brothers into maintaining it uncomplicated, brief and to the purpose.

Monks drifting from diocese to diocese and the bishops studying approximately it later? perhaps I’m being a bit challenging on you yet New Hampshire doesn’t qualify as a few far-flung project. This position isn't Timbuktu. Missionaries don’t flow out and in of the following hoping for a couple of converts from paganism. ” Steve was once dismayed on the woman’s hostility. He discovered unfortunately she was once right—not approximately asserting Mass, yet correct approximately his prestige. He was once a drifter, a renegade priest. now not via any fault of his personal, yet a renegade still.

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