The Pastry Chef's Companion: A Comprehensive Resource Guide for the Baking and Pastry Professional

By Glenn Rinsky

With greater than 4,800 phrases and definitions from all over the world plus ten appendices packed with worthy assets, The Pastry Chef's Companion combines the easiest positive aspects of a dictionary and an encyclopedia. as well as the present terminology of each part of pastry, baking, and confectionary arts, this e-book presents very important information regarding the starting place and historic heritage of some of the phrases. in addition, it bargains insurance of style traits, practices, key good fortune elements, a assets checklist, illustrations, and phonetic pronunciations.

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Indd 15 A a 1/10/08 12:36:43 PM 16 A a c01. indd sixteen • Aveline aveline (ah-veh-‘leen) The French observe for hazelnut or filbert. avocado A tropical fruit of a tropical tree within the laurel relatives. Prized for its creamy, buttery flesh wealthy in oils, supplementations, and protein. The light yellow-green flesh and massive stone are enclosed in a dermis that levels in colour from eco-friendly to greenish-black. counting on the range, an avocado can weigh wherever among three oz. (85 grams) to three kilos (1 kg 365 grams) and will differ from around to pear form.

This present day, adaptations contain shelled eggs on best, which sink into the dough because it is baked, and a brioche-like candy model packed with candied culmination. casein (‘kay-see-ihn) the most protein in milk, and the root for cheese, yogurt, bitter cream, and different cultured dairy items. The casein proteins coagulate within the presence of acids or enzymes and thicken. cashew A kidney-shaped kernel of the fruit of the tropical cashew tree. The kernel, which grows out from the ground of the cashew apple, is secure by means of c03.

It really is dried in a low oven and served as a petit 4 or snack with espresso or tea. congress tart A small, candy puff pastry made via spreading the ground of a pastry shell with jam after which filling it with frangipane. skinny slices of pastry dough are laid diagonally around the best of every tart, they're baked, after which brushed with apricot jam and glazed with fondant that has been thinned with Kirsch. preserve (‘kohn-surv) A thick, candy unfold made up of cooked fruit, nuts, and sugar, usually served with biscuits and scones.

Flatbrod (‘flaht-brahd) A Scandinavian, skinny cracker-like bread made up of rye flour. flat icing A pourable basic icing made by way of including liquid, reminiscent of citrus juice, water, milk, or maple syrup, to sifted confectioners’ sugar and combining until eventually gentle. it's ordinarily drizzled over baked items reminiscent of cinnamon buns, danish, and occasional brownies so as to add a little sweetness and increase their visual appeal. style Fall See pluot. style Gator See pluot. flavoring agent See extracts. taste King See pluot. Flavorosa See pluot.

It really is wealthy in protein and favourite in puddings, porridge, or as a thickener. farine (fah-rihn) The French notice for flour. farinette (fah-rihn-eht) A candy or savory pancake from the Auvergne zone of France. farinograph a device used to check a bread’s resistance to break-down or cave in while made with a particular flour. farl (fahrl) just like a scone, a skinny Scottish griddle cake made up of oatmeal. The identify derives from “fardel,” this means that “fourth part,” simply because those are made around and reduce into 4 elements.

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